Did you know that a beautiful nature district surrounds the city of Ghent?

First of all there is the natural reserve named the ‘Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen’. The sport- and recreation park of the ‘Blaarmeersen,’ is also a lovely place to walk around and where you can run in peace and quiet. Perhaps you also heard of the ‘Drie Leien’ and de ‘Assels’, or the forest named the ‘Vlinderhoutse Bossen’, and the park ‘Groenen Velden’. A bit father from Ghent you also have the ancient old river ‘De Lieve’ which was during the medieval ages the most important water route from Ghent to Bruges.

Are you ready? Register your name and come to the sportcentre named the Topsporthal at the water-rowing track the ‘Watersportbaan ‘in Ghent.

Put on your running shoes and discover the beauty of the nature  that Ghent has to offer on Saturday 28th of October 2017 !