Learn 2 walk

Marathon of Ghent supports Run 2 walk again


The project ‘Run to Walk Again’ offers easily accessible and adjusted sport- and movement activities for children, youth and adults with a physical limitation and their entourage.  For example activities such as: sport- and holiday camps, adjusted fitness arrangements, wheelchair basketball for young people, sport initiatives …


The founder and figurehead, Marc Herremans, stated that: “Financial limitations should not hinder people to do sport and movement “.


People with a physical limitation:

  • To keep them healthy and active
  • To let them discover their own possibilities
  • Make the step towards a sustainable and adjusted sport activity
  • Help them to reintegrate on a social basis
  • Live life positively


  • A professional assistance with qualified and experienced collaborators and partners
  • (Own) adjusted accommodations and materials
  • Proper fundraising for example RunTWA, NightTWA
  • Spontaneous financial support by companies and individuals
  • Project funding from governmental institutions